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LED Flood Lights

Applications include sporting oval lighting or larger stadium applications, car park and security lighting, building, loading docks, harbour, wharf, factory and street lighting.  

Greater than 10 years maintenance free and up to 70% energy saving

We offer a range of LED flood lighting and LED street lighting to suit a range of residential and commercial lighting options to suit both smaller scale residential and commercial applications including high masted applications such as that used in mining or logistical applications. Most of ourr flood light options use world leading Mean Well HLG series drivers which are backed by a 7 year manufacturer warranty. LED Light sources include US leading CREE and Bridgelux, Philips lumileds or LUXEON, and Japanese Nichea. With patented heat sinking systems our lighting systems can offer 10 to 20 years or more of maintenance free operation and up to 70% energy savings.

The uni-directional LED light sources transmit almost 100% of their light in the intended downward direction making them highly efficient. Whereas traditional lighting such as induction, metal halide, halogen or sodium vapour use an omni-drectional bulb mounted either vertically or horizontally such that greater than half of the light is projected upwards away from the target. The overall brightness of the light then relies on the efficiency of the reflector and the optics to send the light back down. With the LED light source this problem is overcome. In some applications this means 2 traditional lamp sources can be replaced by 1 LED lamp source, for example replacement of 2 x 1000W metal halide flood lights with 1 x 400W LED flood light. See following example and case study at Castle Hill Toyota

In the case of heavy industry and mining applications we can offer high voltage LED Flood Lights such as 410V options using Meanwell HVG-240 Series LED Drivers. 

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