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LED Flood Lighting for Outdoor Sports, Area Lighting and Industrial Applications

Class Leading LED Flood Light Efficiency and Output at up to 160 lm/W

Lite On LED offers a range of LED Flood Light systems including the latest high-efficiency LED flood lighting systems for all outdoor and indoor applications. Our diverse range of products are suitable for lower to higher power applications, to sporting club or recreational style LED lighting on a budget or grant, to more specialised commercial or competitive sport lighting applications and area lighting where the latest and highest-efficiency and highest output LED flood lighting is required.

At up to 160 lm/W using the latest Philips LUXEON 5050 LEDs our Sports Oval LED Flood Light and New Generation Sporting Area Flood Light are class leading allowing up to a massive 80% saving in electricity depending on your existing lighting system age and type.

Please also consider our New High Power light weight LED Flood Lights up to 1440W with multiple beam angles and up to 160 lm/W efficacy. Product codes LITE-EL-FL and LITE-SK-FL. 

We have a comprehensive and specialised range of LED Flood lighting that can be selected for the most optimal and perfect lighting of outdoor areas such as carparks, buildings, signage, gardens, security areas, perimeter, sports fields, tennis courts, basket ball or netball courts, football ovals, soccer fields, lawn bowls, golf driving ranges, and other applications where day light is required.

World Leading MeanWell ELG HLG Series Drivers (Power Supplies)

Our LED Flood Lights use world leading MeanWell ELG or HLG Series drivers which are approved for use in Australia including RCM and C-tick compliance. The HLG Series Drivers backed by an independent 7 year manufacturer warranty and both drivers are rated at up to 100,000 hours ensuring a very long life span for your lighting system and provide a considerable saving of ongoing maintenance costs involved with traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium or halogen lighting systems. With our high quality LED drivers and latest technology LEDs you can expect your LED Flood Lights to last a life time with a theoretical system life span of up to 100,000 hours or twenty years or more. 

LED Flood Light DIALUX Lighting Simulations for Sporting Ovals, Tennis or Netball Courts, etc., and Industrial Applications

We can offer Dialux sport and area lighting field simulations for our LED Flood Lights so you can be sure that the LED flood light that you have chosen for your area lighting project, playing field, athletic track, or netball or tennis court, football oval, soccer field, basket ball court or cricket oval will meet the needs of your customer or club members or specifications of your lighting architect, builder or Australian Standards. This can include estimations of light spill, average court or oval lighting measured in lux, glare, and lighting distribution diagrams. Please browse some of our LED Area and Sports Flood Lighting and Factory and Warehouse LED Lighting Projects for examples. 

Our LED Sports Flood lights with asymmetric lens optics by projecting light foward and across are specifically designed to be mounted horizontally facing down to the lighting area eliminating upward light projection. This reduces light spill and glare whilst increasing the amount of light in the target area whilst reducing the amount of light spill in the surrounding areas, thereby improving player and spectator comfort and reducing neighbouring light polution. 

We can also provide you with instructions for optimal lighting of your sporting oval, football field, netball court, tennis court, rugby field, cricket oval or lawn bowls field. This includes instructions for optimal pole positions, LED flood light selection including correct model, power and beam angle, optimal height of LED flood lights and their positioning in terms of horizontal and vertical angle measured in degrees. This takes the guess work out of your lighting project and ensures a high degree of uniformity which prevents spotting (bright or dark light spots) and refers to the evenness of the lighting across your sporting or general lighting area. 

High Voltage Industrial or Mining Flood Lights 

In the case of heavy industry and mining applications we can offer high voltage LED Flood Lights such as 415V options using Meanwell HVG Series LED Drivers or even DC driven LED Flood Lights. Lighter weight high power flood lights are also available for more specialised applications where the weight of the light is an issue. 

View and purchase our LED Flood Light Range.