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500W to 5000W Metal Halide Flood Light Replacement - 240W - 960W LED Stadium Flood Light ~ 125 lm/W

  • 240W Stadium Flood Light
  • 360W Stadium Flood Light
  • 480W Stadium Flood Light
  • 960W Stadium Flood Light
  • 720W Stadium Flood Light
  • LITE BR-FL Heatsink Module. High Surface Area Forged Aluminium Heatsink permits Optimal Cooling of LEDs and Increased Lifespan.
  • Separate Driver and LED heat sinking with air gap permits optimal cooling of both LEDs and Power Supply.
  • Philips Lumileds LUXEON 3030 LED
  • 480W 60x100° lens Stadium LED Flood Light at Port Wyndham fuel depot
  • 240W Stadium Flood Light Dimensions
  • 960W Stadium Flood Light Dimensions
  • 480W Stadium Flood Light Dimensions
  • 720W Stadium Flood Light Dimensions
  • 360W Stadium Flood Light Dimensions
  • 360W Light Distribution
  • 720W Light Distribution
  • 480W Light Distribution
  • 960W Light Distribution

Product Description

Metal Halide Flood Light Replacement - 500W, 1000W, 2000W, 4000W, with

130lm/W Stadium Series Flood Light - 240W, 360W, 480W, 720W & 960W 

Please note this model has now been superceded by our high output 160lm/W LITE-BR-FL2-240-1000W

Specification of Commercial Stadium Series Flood LITE-BR-FL-240-960W

The LITE-BR-FL-240-960W flood lights are a specialized commercial grade flood light used in applications where day light is required including sports stadiums, factories, loading docks, building/bridge lighting, etc. Available in 240W, 360W, 480W, 720W and 960W modules, and 30, 60/100 and 120° beam angles there is enough flexibility to suite any application and tower height.

Up to 3500 to 4500W Equivalent

At 960W and approximately 124,800lm (Nominal) the LITE-BR-FL-960W can meet the lighting requirements of a 3500W to 4000 or 5000W conventional metal halide flood light.[1] The LITE-BR-FL-360W has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of a conventional 2000W metal halide flood light. The positioning of the LEDs allows almost 100% light projection towards your oval, carpark or warehouse, unlike the sideways mounted and omni-directional bulb of a metal halide which has much greater losses and relies on the quality and efficiency of the reflector.

The higher efficiency of the LED projection system and high lumen maintenance (little light degradation < half that of a metal halide) allows up to 70% energy saving to be achieved.

The photo below shows the massive light output of the LITE-BR-FL-480W with 60°x100° lens 6000-6500K:

Port Wyndham Fuel Depot with single 480W Stadium Flood Light. Note stair case in centre of photo illustrating the massive scale of the light output. 


Philips LUXEON 3030 LEDs up to 160lm/W

The flood lights consist of an array of the latest generation Philips LUXEON 3030 LEDs with primary applications being downlights, high bay and low bay, and stadium flood lights. The Philips LUXEON 3030 with an output of up to 165lm/W (5000K, CRI min 70) offers superior luminous flux at max current for reduced LED count. At a CRI of minimum 90 at an output of 131lm/W at 5000K is still possible.

The LUXEON 3030 2D is destined to become a workhorse LED for high flux applications such as retrofit bulbs, downlights, as well as high bay and low bay luminaires. Leading efficacy of 125 lm/W for warm white and 133 lm/W for cool white at 120mA and 25°C. When driven at the maximum drive current of 240 mA, the LUXEON 3030 2D can deliver 160 lm at 6500K and 80 CRI. [2]


Mean Well® HLG Series Drivers – 7 Year Warranty

The Luxeon LEDs in the LITE-BR-FL series floods are driven by 1 to 4 separate Mean Well HLG-240H-36A LED Drivers to make up a maximum of 960W output. Backed by an independent 7 year 60,000 hour warranty and established in 1982, Mean Well is a leading standard switching power supply manufacturer in the world. As shown in the image the Mean Well drivers are mounted independently from the LEDs with large air gaps and separate heat sinks to permit maximum cooling of both LEDs and power supply for increased life span.

In the case of heavy industry and mining applications we can offer a high voltage version of the LITE-BR-FL LED Flood Lights such as 410V option using Meanwell HVG-240 Series LED Drivers.

Longer Life > 50,000 hours

Separate Driver and LED heat sinking including air gap enabling optimal cooling of both LEDs and power supply. 


The LITE-BR-FL-240-960W has a predicted L70 lumen maintenance of greater than 50,000 hours@ 85°C. [3]


IP67 / IP65 rating for indoor or outdoor installations

Typical Driver lifetime > 62000 hours

Input: AC90-305V, 50/60HZ


PF>0.95/230VAC @ full load

THD: <0.20%

LED: Philips LUXEON 3030 CRI: >80

CCT: 2200-6500K

LENS: PMMA, 30° or 60X100° or 120°

Life span: >50000hours

Electrical protection: Class I

Warranty: 5 years

[1] Light comparison will depend on age of existing metal halide (MH) flood lights and efficiency of the MH housing reflector.

[2] Philips Lumileds Debuts LUXEON 3014 and the Workhorse Mid-Power LED LUXEON 3030 2D. LED Professional. Products | White Mid Power LEDs | Mar 18, 2014

[3] L70 refers to the time in hours until the lumen output of the LED reduces to 70% of the original output. 



              external-meanwell-driver.jpg     meanwell-driver-hlg-240h-36a.jpg

The MeanWell HLG Series driver has SAA, C-tick, CE, RoHS, UL, TUV, CB certification and indpendent 7 year 60,000 hour warranty




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