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Hockey Field LED Lighting Upgrade - Maryborough & District Hockey Association

We were approached by Maryborough & District Hockey Association in 2019 as they were holding the Hockey State and National Championships. They requested a minimum average of 500 lux on the hockey field. 

They were approached by another supplier who offered 40 x 1000W LED flood lights rated at 130 lm/W which achieved an average illumination of 546 lux and a uniformity of 0.70. Another supplier offered 42 x 1000W LED flood lights but could only achieve an average of 517 lux and a uniformity of 0.63.

With only 36 of our high output LED Stadium Flood Lights rated at 155 lm/W (LITE-BR-FL2-1000W) we were able to achieve an average of 556 lux and a much higher uniformity of 0.89, exceeding Australian Standards for Competition Level Hockey Field lighting and sufficient for broadcast quality. Please read our Lighting Simulation below for technical details. Note the light loss factor is set to 0.9. Our Stadium Flood Lights come standard with 20KV SPD surge protection to protect from power surges and lightening strikes. 

You can see visually in the photo below the high intensity of the light and high uniformity or evenness of the light with no evidence of spotting or highs or lows. The near perfect lighting distribution was aided by use of laser sighting which facilitates aiming of the LED Stadium Flood Lights onto the correct part of the Hockey Field. 

The lighting coordinator Tony Quaill reported that "the championships went well, and we received great feedback from visiting players and umpires about the lights, the were very impressed."




Hockey Field LED Lighting - Pole Positions


Hockey Field LED Lighting - Lighting Colour Render



Hockey Field LED Lighting - Illumination Diagram

Hockey Field LED Lighting Levels - Average Illumination = 556 lux, Uniformity = 0.89, Min/Max = 0.81