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Tennis Court & Netball Court Lighting

Asymmetric LED Sports Flood Lights – LITE-EL-XX-TC – LITE-SK-FLX – LITE-LUX-SP – LITE-BL-FL

Our LED Tennis Court Lights or Asymmetric Beam LED Sports Lights are specifically designed for standard tennis court layouts on residential, club and commercial tennis courts and pole heights. Our tennis court lights with multiple beam options make these tennis court lights ideal for use in single or multi-tennis court designs, netball court and basketball court lights, bowling greens and other similar rectangular courts or area lighting applications with any pole configuration.

With power levels from 100W to 1500W with up to a class leading 160 lm/W and additional optics our LED Tennis Court and Sports Flood lights can provide up to 80% energy savings over your traditional metal halide lights and can be configured to suit any size court, sports field or playing area with low or high mast applications, and the desired social, recreational, semi-professional and competition light levels. In turn achieving unsurpassed levels of average illumination leading to very high ball visibility and near perfect uniformity (up to 0.94), which is the evenness of the lighting across the court without spotting with bright and dark spots. This enables our asymmetric beam sports flood lights to perform above Australian Standards for tennis court, basketball and netball court lighting.

Please browse our tennis courtnetball court and lawn bowls lighting projects for high performance examples of our asymmetric beam flood lights.

The special tennis court light optics creating the asymmetric beam pattern allow for the tennis court lights to be faced in the downward position at 0° eliminating all upward light projection. This reduces light pollution or obtrusive lighting in the form of reduced light glow, light spill and light glare which can affect neighbouring houses. In turn, these special tennis court lights improve spectator comfort and player performance, extend night time playing hours, and easily comply with council regulations.

More importantly the high performance tennis court lights with asymmetric beam optics project a rectangular beam pattern downwards and forwards, with up to 90% of the light being projected where you want it, onto the sports playing area or target area, and less of the light where you don’t want it, such as on spectator areas and neighbouring houses.

With our LED tennis court and sports flood lights you can expect a long lighting system life span requiring zero maintenance with the use of industry leading Philips LUMILED LUXEON LEDs and Meanwell ELG or HLG drivers which are rated 100,000 hours at normal operating temperatures. Potentially providing a lighting system for a life time.

Please contact us for assistance with your sports lighting design or for more information about our asymmetric LED sports flood lights and other LED sports flood lights. Or view some of our Asymmetric LED Sports Flood lights below.