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Increased Aesthetics

The installation of LED Panel lights can provide an aesthetically pleasing and modern upgrade to your office environment whilst maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.

50% energy saving

LED Panel lights serve as an economical replacement for traditional T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. The typical application is the replacement of 1 or 2 x 1200mm T8 36W (+4W ballast) fluorescent tubes with 20W or 40W LED Panels (1200 x 300 or 1200 x 150mm) reflecting an energy/electricity saving of up to 50%.

Up to 10 times longer life

With an extended life time of 5 to 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent tube depending on the quality and type of the original tube and the operating cycle (how often it is switched on and off), our LED Panel light replacements exceeds the specifications of any current T5 fluorescent tube replacement. Along with reduced life, the fluorescent tube will also degrade faster such that the original lumen output is reduced to 70% by 10,000 hours where at this point the LED Panel light will still have approximately 90% of the original lumen output.

High efficiency

Like the LED tube part of the efficiency of the LED Panel is due to the 120° to 180° directional downward beam such that 90% or so of the light produced is usable.

Optimal Colour Temperature and Work Environment

Most fluorescent office lighting produces a colour temperature or light colour which is too white. With LED Panel lighting we can tailor the colour temperature of your office space or other work environment to a more optimal colour temperature generally between 4500 and 5000K. Various studies have shown that work efficiency can improve at colour temperatures which are a closer match to noon daylight or 4500 to 5000K.

Flexible Driver Solutions

Once again flexible driver solution is essential for maintaining the life of the LED tube. Rather than offering the typical LED tube which contains an inaccessible internal driver we provide an option of utilising a long life external driver or patented replacable plug and play driver which after many years of operation can be easily unpluged and replaced by general maintenance staff to provide many further years of operation. We have such confidence in this replacable driver system that we provide a 5 year commercial warranty.

Intelligent lighting control

Our intelligent LED Panels can vary their brightness according to time of day, occupancy, can be controlled via WIFI or IPhone applications and can collect data on usage providing an energy saving of up to 80%.

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