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General Area and Security LED Lighting - Projects & Applications

LED lighting for Area and Security Lighting requirements typically presents some unique challenges due to the variability in the usage of the area to be lit from that of a loading area, to general area lighting, to a playground to a carpark. The selection of the best LED lighting product is dependent on careful examination of the required lighting standards for your specific application. Our Industrial LED lights are also available in 415V for mining and other industry applications.


LED Lighting Upgrade at Wood Yard for Paper Mill - Norske Skog
Replacement of 1500W Sodium Vapour Flood Lights with 960W New Edge LED Flood Lights, LITE-EL-NED-960W.



Cambridge Gulf Fuel Depot Area LED Lighting - Port Wyndham
Installation of 6x 480W LED Flood Lights, LITE-BR-FL-480W for area and security lighting. Please see LITE-BR-FL2-500 for 160lm/W model update.



LED Carpark Lighting Upgrade at Castle Hill Toyota
Replacement of 2000W metal halide flood lights with 400W LED Area Flood Lights.



General Area Lighting at Sydney Olympic Park - Light Towers
Replacement of aging metal halide flood lights with 152 x 300W rectangular beam tunnel lights (LITE-GS-FL-300-D).