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Industrial LED Lighting Applications and Projects

LED lighting for Industry requirements typically presents some unique challenges due to the frequent hostile evenironments that are repsented such as high temperature steel mills, costal areas with high levels of corrosion, mining with high vibration and heat, uniqe power requirements, and areas with high wind loadings. Our premium industrial grade LED lights including highbays, street lights and flood lights have been specifically designed and/or modified to meet the specifics of each industry application. Our Industrial LED lights are also available in 415V for mining and other industry applications.


High Temperature Crane LED Lighting at Bluescope Steel
Replacement of aging metal halide lights with premium 240W High Bay Lighting, LITE-GS-HB-240, in high radiant heat of over 200°C.



Cambridge Gulf Fuel Depot LED Lighting - Port Wyndham
Installation of 6x 480W LED Flood Lights, LITE-BR-FL-480W for area and security lighting. 



High Temperature LED Lighting Projects
Our high temperature LED lights (LITE-EL-50-450W-HT80) available from 50W up to 450W are rated at up to an ambient temperature of 80°C without degredation in performance.