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Residential Tennis Court Lighting Upgrade in Pallara Queensland

Residential Tennis Court Halogen Lighting Upgrade to Specialised Asymmetric Beam LED Tennis Court Lights

Bob who is an avid tennis player in Pallara Queensland was wanting to upgrade his aging 1000W halogen Tennis Court Lights at his residential home. Since Bob was on a tight budget he had originally ordered some 120 degree beam width general purpose flood lights from his local lighting store that were on special.

I was able to convince Bob to return the general purpose lights to the store and use our specialised asymmetric beam tennis court lights (LITE-SK-FL-240W-P50) which have a greater light output at 140lm/W, project more light on the tennis court where you want it and less light outside of the court where you don't want it. Using the specialised asymmetric lens system for tennis court lighting allows for greater light intensity on the tennis court with lower power. 

We actually trialled four of our different tennis court lights with various asymmetric beam angles to obtain the best residential tennis court lighting result as follows. Bob was able to obtain an average of approximately 150 lux which is adequate for home social play and more affordable than some of the higher power and brighter LED tennis court lights. 

Note that the tennis court light levels for convenience were simulated at court surface rather than 1m above the court where they would read a little higher. The light loss factor was set conservatively at 0.88 but according to Australian Standards.



As you can see by the photos below Bob was very happy with the result and the Tennis Court Lighting Spill is very little due to the asymmetric beam design of the lights. 




The asymmetric beam design which projects light down and forward allows the lights to be angled at as little as 7° up from horizontal. This significantly reduces light spill and glare and light polution of neighbouring houses.