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Welcome to Lite On LEDs Commercial Lighting Division. We are energy efficiency consultants who provide a personalized and holistic service. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals from lighting designers to engineers to physicists to project and operation managers.

Our team will take the time to provide you with a complete lighting solution. We can conduct an analysis of your lighting environment and provide a customized LED lighting solution which matches or improves on your existing system but provides significant energy and cost savings. 

With ongoing monitoring of the release and development of new energy technologies our R&D team ensures that our LED lighting and other energy saving products are at the forefront of the energy savings industry whilst maintaining reliability and performance.

Our latest products are providing lighting performance which exceeds the capabilities of traditional lighting sources and the minimum efficiency and life-time requirements such as Energy Star or the NSW IPART program. 

If your project is eligible as an Energy Savings Scheme we can offer you significant discounts on your LED lighting including installation. In some instances the LED lighting and installation can be provided free of charge. Alternatively your LED lighting installation can pay for itself in as little as six to twelve months with thousands of dollars in ongoing annual savings.

In this website we present a sample of our extensive portfolio of LED lighting products and technologies for used in primary commercial applications, together with product information, advantages, testing and technical background.

In addition, we can examine your specific commercial or residential application and design and offer a LED lighting system which is either identical or superior and offers significant benefits.

We hope that the information is informative and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lite On LED           

Key Features:

IPART Aproved. Many of our commercial downlights meet minimum government requirements for legislated Energy Savings Schemes such as our MR16 downlight bulbs with external driver which produce a minimum of 500 lm at 7 to 10W.

Energy Savings of up to 90% compared with your traditional 50W dichroic halogen lighting. In commerical applications payback can occur in as little as six to twelve months with electricity savings in the thousands of dollars. 

Long life expectancy. With a rated LED life span of greater than 30,000 to 40,000 hours that at 70% of the original brightness is a minimum lifespan of 10 years in commercial applications [1] or "light for life" in residential applications [2]. 

Thermal efficiency. In both residential and commercial settings with an operating temperature of between 40 and 70°C your house compared with 250 to 350°C for conventional halogen lighting your house or office space will be considerably cooler and your airconditioning bill will be lower. 

Thermal efficiency and external driver. The use of an external driver in commercial applications and no internal driver further enables the cooler operation of your LED lamp and driver and future maintainability with replacement of the driver and not the LED in the advent of failure. That gives a potential 20 year lifespan of the LED lighting system commercial applications whilst maintaining useable light. 

Style and Design. We have a range of residential, commercial and architectural LED downlight kits to suite your existing or new home or business. The kits are available in various styles, power and light levels, colours and sizes. Designed to fit in architectural LED lighting applications or encolsed spaces or existing homes and offices.

Further Savings with Power Factor Correction. Many residential retrofit LED lamps have poor power factor leading to a much higher apparent power consumption in Volt-Ampere (VA), often as much as double. So a lamp which is rated as 10W may actually consume 20VA. In residential applications this does not matter much as the resident is charged in Watts (W) rather than VA, although they are still wasting more energy than they are led to believe. In commercial applications or high energy users they are often charged in VA rather than W so power factor correction or utlisation of lighting systems with good power factor becomes very important to maximise their energy savings and reduce their electricity bill. In the case of LED lighting, by using commercial grade LED lighting modules driven by independent dedicated LED power supplies with good powerf factor the energy savings can be maximised. 

[1] Based on an average of 8 hours operation per day in commercial applications.

[2] Based on an average of 3 hours operation per day in residential applications.

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