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Netball Court LED Lighting - Case Studies & Projects

Below are some of the Netball LED Lighting projects we have been involved in. Each Netball Court lighting project has been designed according to specific requirements and Australia Standards in terms of average illuminance measured in lux and uniformity. Alternatively the design has been based specically on customer requirements. Please browse our various netball lighting projects and examples to get an idea of each sporting LED light. Some Netball Court LED Lights are better suited for certain pole positions, heights and netball court grounds. With our simulations we can take out the guess work and trial a number of different netball court LED lights with various beam angles so as to pick the best LED netball court light for the job. We can then supply the specific set up variables including horizontal and vertical angles and even pole heights and positions for new installations.    


Netball Court LED Lighting Upgrade at Moyston Public Parks
Replacement of 1500W metal halide football oval lights with our general purpose 480W LED Sporting Oval Flood Lights - LITE-BR-FL-480. Note some lights were used for their netball and tennis court lighting.



Netball Court Metal Halide Replacement with LED Lighting
Replacement of 19 x 2000W Metal Halide Flood Lights with energy saving High Output LED Netball Court Flood Lights - LITE‐EL‐XX-FL Professional Series LED Flood Lights - 65% energy savings & 33% more light.  



Netball Court Lighting - Club Competition Level with 480W LED Floods
Installation of new lighting poles and LED Flood Lights to create competition level lighting.