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Welcome to Lite On LED. We are energy efficiency consultants who provide a personalized and holistic service. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals from lighting designers to engineers to physicists to project and operation managers.

Please browse our LED Lighting Case Studies for a detailed overview of some of the lighting projects we have been involved in. 

Through our work on commercial and residential ventures in NSW, VIC, QLD, NT, TAS and WA we have developed a range of high quality and reliable products. We have taken the research and development from our commercial ventures to provide a range of residential products which are both high in quality and reliable but are provided at reduced cost. These products can now be purchased in our online store.

Our team can provide a customized LED lighting solutions which matches or improves on your existing system but provides significant energy and cost savings. For your residential application we can provide you with LED lighting which will reduce your energy bill and eliminate the need to change lightbulbs. 

With ongoing monitoring of the release and development of new energy technologies our R&D team ensures that our LED lighting and other energy saving products are at the forefront of the energy savings industry whilst maintaining reliability and performance.

Our latest products are providing lighting performance which exceeds the capabilities of traditional lighting sources and the minimum efficiency and life-time requirements such as Energy Star or the NSW IPART program.

If your commercial project is eligible as an Energy Savings Scheme we can offer you significant discounts on your LED lighting including installation. In some instances the LED lighting and installation can be provided free of charge. Alternatively your LED lighting installation can pay for itself in as little as six to twelve months with thousands of dollars in ongoing annual savings where relatively long operating hours exist.

For your residential applications we can offer a reliable lighting system which has the theoretical potential to last over twenty years or potentially "light for life" whilst reducing your lighting electricty bill by up to 90%. For a new building project we can help you to meet your BASIX or NatHERS or other energy compliance requirements.

In addition, we can examine your specific commercial or residential application and design and offer a LED lighting system which is either identical or superior and offers significant benefits.

We hope that the information in this website is informative and can assist you in designing your LED lighting sytem at home or at work or encourage you to contact us for a lighting assessment and associated recommendations.

In the meantime, please contact us if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon or processing your order in our online shop.

Lite On LED