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LED Downlights



LED downlight options - 5” to 8”

We offer a range of architectural and standard commercial grade large format downlight options for retail and other commercial environments that provide a perfect upgrade to aging AR111 halogen and metal halide lighting.

LED - Accurate colour rendering

Colour rendering index (CRI) is important for commercial or artistic applications where colour rendering is important.

A high CRI reflects the ability of a light source to accurately render the colours of an illuminated object such as retail products, skin tones or other materials.

A CRI of 90 and higher is available for some LED light bulbs by special order.

LED - Optimal Light Colour

The colour temperature of our downlights can be selected to suite your retail environment.

For example, a jewellery shop can benefit from cooler or whiter light to enhance the sparkle and brightness of their jewels whereas a clothing store may prefer a more natural white colour to reflect the colour of clothing during day lighting hours.

At Lite On LED we can assisting you by selecting the best lighting colour for your retain environment.

LED - Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free

As with our other LED lighting products with the careful selection and design of our LED lighting systems we can provide you with a system that provides up to 80% energy savings and maintenance free operation for over ten years.

LED Optical Design

High quality and efficient optics with up to 60 to 100° can provide a broad diffuse beam for ambient lighting or as low as 28° for spot lighting. Single LED light source shows stark similarities to the traditional halogen lighting source.

LED Flexible Driver Solutions

Once again, careful selection of driver technology can improve the longevity of the LED lighting symptom as well as maintaining a flicker free system in dimmable applications.