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Industry LED Lighting - LED Crane Lights at Bluescope Steel


LED Crane Lights (LITE-GS-HB-240W) at Bluescope Steel - High Temperature Application

We were approached by Bluescope Steel for a high elevation lighting solution to their crane lights. They had not been satisfied with the light output and projection of the competitors UFO highbay lights that looked the same. However, due to the extreme height of the crane lights (upward of 25m+) these lights were limited by their relatively lower lumen output at 120-140 lm/W and their wider beam angle.

We were able to offer a narrower beam angle and higher lumen output 240W UFO light (LITE-GS-HB-240W) rated at 160 lm/W to achieve improved projection and greater light intensity on the target area. 

LED Crane Lights above the Hot Strip Mill at Bluescope Steel

In another area, the hot strip mill, involving extreme radiant heat of upward of 200°C they had the additional problem of the typical polycarbonate lens system in the UFO highbay lights melting and falling out. Whilst the LITE-GS-HB-240W had functioned adequately in the heat over the past three years running 24 hours per day, the plastic polycarbonate lens in the LED UFO High Bay light had melted. 

Our solution was to supply the LITE-GS-HB-240W with a tempered glass lens with a melting point of greater than 1000°C, in addition to focused reflector to maintain the narrow beam angle needed for the extreme heights.