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Commercial LED Downlight Modules CREE CXA1304, CXA1507, CXA1816

  • LITE-CXA1507 15W 1000 lumen CREE LED Downlight
  • CREE LED - Highest Efficacy Lighting-Class LED Arrays
  • Genuine CREE CXA 1507 LED in MR16 Downlight Module
  • CREE CXA1507 MR16 9W Downlight Module with HEP high reliability driver
  • MR16 Downlight Module CREE CXA 1304 or 1507
  • LITE-CXA1304 7W 550 lumen CREE LED Downlight
  • Multi-Finned Aluminium Heatsink enables efficient cooling and longer LED life
  • Multi-Finned Aluminium Heatsink enables efficient cooling and longer LED life
  • Cree® CXA LED Arrays 1304, 1507, 1512, 1820
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    Product Description


    CREE LED downlights - high light output & high efficiency 

    7W 500lm to 15W 1000lm Downlight Modules (50W to 100W halogen equivalent)

    With CREE’s recent release of LM-80 data for their CXA Chip On Board (COB) LED Arrays in 2013, Lite On LED was the first Australian company to offer Energy Star or IPART complaint LED downlights using the CXA LED arrays. The LITE-CXA1304 offers a superior and equivalent replacement for a traditional 50W halogen downlight at only 7-9W power consumption.[1] Higher power models like LITE-CXA1507 in 10W or 12W or LITE-CXA1816 in 15W+ can reach up to 2000 lumens and are a suitable replacement for a 100W halogen or 70W ceramic metal halides.

    Available as complete downlight module or MR16 retrofit module for use in existing fixtures (note any height restrictions).

    Superior Energy Saving through Low Power & Low Heat

    7W equates to an energy saving of up to 88% over traditional 50W halogen lighting using ironcore transformers and exceeds the performance of any currently available competing 6W LED downlight. Up to a further 35% energy saving on cooling bills can be achieved with the 80% reduction in heat transfer.[2]

    Cree® XLamp® CXA LED Arrays & Superior Colour Rendering and Vivid Colours

    The CREE CXA LEDs deliver the highest-efficency in their class and are optimized to simplify designs and lower system cost. The LITE-CXA lamps deliver a system level performance from 300 to over 10,000 lumens and can enable applications ranging from MR16 and commercial downlights to outdoor area lighting.[3]

    The CXA lamps bring a new 95 CRI colour rendering option which delivers “halogen-like colour and push the boundaries of lighting-class performance by combining high quality light with unmatched light output and efficacy”.[4]  The high CRI provides precise colour rendering accorss the full visbile light spectrum leading to a vivid colour lighting effect with brighter colours and greater contrast. This means an improved ambience with better looking food,  artwork, better skin tones and furnishings. The full visble spectrum lighting makes your establishment or art gallery look and feel better.

    Superior Cooling & Longer Life

    With superior cooling comes longer life. The LITE-CXA1304 or LITE-CXA1507 is used in our commercial applications where the lamp is exposed to rigorous conditions such as operating 24 hours per day. The superior cooling is enabled by the use of a large multi-finned aluminium (Al) heatsink with high surface area. This design can withstand the most rigorous conditions. The seperate independent LED driver/power supply/transformer further increases system life with simple replacement of the driver only in the future, rather than the LED globe. 

    Long Life – 36,000 hrs + and 0-100% Dimmable External LED Driver

    With a lumen or light level of more than 70% after 36,300 hours of operation means that in some applications that is “light for life”.[5] The use of an external replaceable driver (dimmable) with long life (>40,000 hrs) Japanese Rubycon YXF capacitors that can operate at up to 105°C provides the confidence that both LED and driver/power supply will pass the test of time. The product is backed by a 3 - 5 year warranty depending on configuration and complies with Australian safety and EMC standards and European and USA CE LVD and EMC standards. 

    Dimmable Light Output – HEP (High-reliability Electronic Performance)

    Seamless dimming from 100% down to 0%[6] and back to a maximum light output of up to 800 lumens or equivalent to approximately a 100W light bulb but with an energy saving of up to 80%.

    Or ask about our high reliability HEP dimmable and nondimmable drivers designed in Germany at HEP engineeringHEP range of LED Drivers  are ENEC KEMA certified which ensures the quality and performance of the products to the strictest of European Standards.

    Dimmer Compatability 

    Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Universal Dimmers. Our LED lamps are available with a variety of drivers which improve compatibility and dimming performance with most leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmers. Please email us for a compatibility table. With our 

    DSI, DALI, 0/1-10V and c-bus Dimming systems. We have suitable drivers which can be used with our range of Cree CXA LED downlights to permit seamless operation with your DSI, DALI, 0-10V or c-bus control systems.

    Philips Dynalite Dimming Control Systems. We are able to have our drivers tested on Philips Dynalite Dimming Control Systems to assess for compatibility to ensure good dimming performance and avoid problems like flicker and premature dimmer module and/or driver failure due to inadequate measuring of the peak inrush currents/voltage which occurs on each half cycle of phase modulating dimmers. Please email us for our latest test results from Philips Dynalite on the compatibility of our LITE-LKA LED Driver with various Philips Dynalite leading and trailing edge dimmer modules.

    Some compatible Dynalite dimmer modules include DDLE801, DLE1203, DLE405, DLE1205, DMC810GL, DLE1210GL, DLE410, DLE1210, DLE1220GL-S, DLE120-S, DLE220-S, DGLEDM401, DGTM402, DDTM102, DGTM105DTE310, DTE1210. (The LITE-PD296B Driver is compatible with most trailing edge modules including: DDLE802, DDLM102, DGLM402, DDLM104, DGLM105, but please contact us as we are updating our drivers frequently for compatibility according to customer and project demands).

    Other Dimming Modules. Pease email us if your dimmer module is not listed as we may have other LED dimmable drivers which are compatible and are frequently updating our drivers according to customer and project demands. Alternatively please send us your dimmer module for testing.

    [1] 7W for Natural White (4000K) light colour and 9W for Warm White (2700K). 

    [2] Assumes a halogen operating temperature of 300°C and LED heatsink temperature of 60°C.

    [3] Cree Delivers Highest Efficacy, Lighting-Class LED Arrays. Optimized to simplify designs and lower system costs. www.cree.com

    [4] Cree CXA Platform LEDs Set Bar for Light Quality and Efficacy. June 2013. LED Professional.

    [5] CREE June 25, 2013 – CREE LED Components IES LM-80-2008 Testing Results. 

    [6] Using our NXP IC Dimmable driver, NXP formally a division of Philips now supplies companies such as Apple, Bosch, Panasonic, Samsung.

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    LED Lighting Terminology. Use the search field above and click News & Information to understand LED lighting terminology & find out more about LED bulbs. Or find out more about LED bulbs by browsing our LED Buying Guide


    Important Selection Information (See also Specifications Tab)

    LED Globe Comparison Please see photos and our MR16/GU10 LED downlight comparison chart to see how this globe compares to a traditional halogen downlight, our other globes and those from leading manufacturers.  
    Electronic Transformer Compatability

    This globe is not compatible with electronic transformers and is supplied with an dedicated external LED driver and mains socket. If you require a plug in MR16 module which is compatible with your existing 50-60W 12V AC electronic halogen transformers please see our compatability chart our browse our MR16 lamp modules in the residential section.  

    Size Restrictions At 75mm in length this globe will not fit all existing downlight fixtures with a semi-enclosed back. Please check dimensions of LED globe and of your fixture to ensure proper fit before purchase and/or consider the low profile LITE-PD-MTG2-COM or the very low profile LITE-AL-XBD MR16 LED bulb (identical in size to a halogen MR16) and/or consider purchasing the model with builtin fixture/facia if necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should you buy the LITE-CXA LED Module?
    2. CREE LED Lights - I have never heard of the light brand CREE, what is CREE? Is it good?
    3. LED Light Life-time - What does the LED Life mean? Will it really last 25 years or more?
    4. Will this LED module work with my existing 50W halogen transformers?
    5. LED Light Flicker - I've pluged in my new 7W CREE LED MR16 Bulb but there is a flicker when turned on.
    6. LED Light Buzzing noise - I've pluged in my new LED MR16 Bulb but there is a buzzing noise when it is turned on.

    1. Why should you buy the 7W MT-G2 LED MR16 Bulb?

    50W Halogen Equivalent. With a light output of 540 lumens the LITE-PD-MTG2 matches the output of a traditional 50W halogen. See illustrated photos and our LED downlight comparison chart to see a direct comparison.

    Latest LED Technology, Reliability and High Quality. The LITE-PD-MTG2 uses a latest generation 2012 CREE LED produced by the renoun LED manufacturing company CREE. The US based CREE® is a NASDAQ listed US company and a market leader in the manufacture of LEDs. The 2012 MT-G2 LED represents the latest generation in CREE’s X-lamp LED design producing unprecedented output light and efficiency [1].

    “The first EasyWhite LED array built on the SC³ Technology Platform, Cree's XLamp MT-G2 LED pushes performance limits to redefine lumen levels and efficacy while delivering the industry’s best color consistency and superior optical control. MT-G2 LEDs are designed for high-output, directional lighting applications and are the ideal replacement for lighting applications that currently use inefficient halogen lamps. MT-G2 LEDs are optimized for use in accent, track, retail display and down lighting applications where color quality, consistency and optical control are required. The MT-G2 LED delivers up to 1987 lumens in cool white and 1735 lumens in warm white, both at 18.5 watts, 85°C."

    High Compatability - Plug and Play. The LITE-PD-MTG2 with use of its own dedicated LED driver can be plugged into any existing lighting system using with low voltage halogen downlights. It's low profile design will also fit the majority of downlight fixtures. 

    Superior Cooling. With superior cooling comes longer life. The LITE-PD-MTG2 is used in our commercial applications where the bulb is exposed to rigorous conditions such operating 24 hours per day. The superior cooling is enabled by the use of a passive cooling system and an open face with a heat sink area larger than other similar bulb sizes in its class. This is due to the use of aluminium perforated veins (see photo) and slightly larger form factor (47mm length vs. 37mm for halogen) that permits the transfer of heat via the convection of air from the living space past the veins and through into the roof space. This design can withstand the most rigorous condition and is used in many of our commercial applications. 

    Long Life. With a LED case temperature of approximately 60°C and the of long life electrolytic capacitors rated at 105°C the LITE-PD-MTG2 has a theoretical life span beyond 40,000 hours or 20 years in residential applications, assumming similar LM-80 response characteristics to the MT-G LED. 

    Silent Operation. Some LED bulbs (e.g.,Philips Master LED downlight) contain small fans which emit a faint noise which can be bothersome in a quiet room. However, the LITE-PD-MTG2 with its passive cooling system can achieve 100% silent operation with compatible transformers.

    2. CREE LED Lights - I have never heard of the light brand CREE, what is CREE? Is it good?

    In LED lighting rather than having particular brands for the whole bulb or lamp like Philips or Osram, most branding refers to the manufacturer of the LED inside the globe which is arguably the most important part (read also section on power supplies). Some well known examples include CREE, Epistar, Bridgelux, Philips and Osram. 

    CREE®, first formed in 1987, is a NASDAQ listed US company and a market leader in the manufacture of LEDs. Like Epistar, CREE's sole focus is the development of LED lighting which assists with evolution, quality and reliabilty of products. CREE is at the forefront of LED lighting technology producing arguably the brightest and most efficienty LEDs. Whilst the CREE LEDs tend to be more expensive you will find that they will produce more light with less power. Therefore, where efficiency (lm/W) is important CREE LEDs are a perfect fit. You can find out more about CREE by visiting their website at www.cree.com.

    3. LED Light Life-time - What does the LED Life mean? Will it really last 25 years or more?

    Yes, theoretically the LED in your LED bulb will last more than 25 years or even "light for life". In fact it will continue to glow at lower levels well past its L70 lifetime at 30,000 hours or so, to 100,000 hours which is literally a life time. However, in reality the limiting factor of the life of your LED bulb is the internal or external driver/power supply, particularly if you use your exisitng electronic halogen transformer which has probably already had a hard life working at close to maximum capacity.

    However, depending on the quality many drivers and power supplies or transformers are rated at 20,000 to 30,000 hours so theoretically the LED bulb should still last 20 years in residential applications. The capacitors we use in our LED drivers or LED power supplies are special long life capacitors rated at operating up to 105°C. In reality they generally will operate between 30°C to 40°C and below there maximal rated voltage. So with this, together with the self-healing properties of the capacitor, they do have the potential to last for many years.

    In reality, the theoretical life span for LED bulbs has not been fully tested in many applications given they have only really been around for 5 years or so in high power applications. However, a life span of 20,000 to 30,000 hours is well accepted in the industry and by government organisations. Many of you probably still have an old radio, cd player or computer or other electronic device which is still working after 10 years or so and still runs quite happily. Take for example radios in cars which may still be running after 20 years or so in an old car. That device like LEDs and power supplies contains solid state electronics and without the problem of moving parts is really quite durable.

    Therefore, we expect your new LED light bulb to potentially offer you "Light for Life". 

    4. Electronic Transformer Compatability - How can the 7W CREE LED Bulb work with my existing 50W halogen transformers?

    This Commercial model LITE-PD-MTG2 comes with its own external LED driver/transformer so it is a complete replacement for your aging halogen electronic transformers so you do not need to worry about compatability. 

    5. LED Light Flicker - I've pluged in my new 7W CREE LED MR16 Bulb but there is a flicker when turned on

    You may have plugged in a non-dimmable LED bulb into a dimmable circuit or you may be experiencing mains voltage fluctuations. If you are running only 1 LED light bulb on a single dimmer circuit you may need to add an additional bulbs to assist with switching on the dimmer circuit since dimmers are traditionally used to dim at least a 30W or 50W light bulb rather than a single 7W or 10W LED light bulb. If you cannot connect additional LED light bulbs on the same circuit then another option is to use a Clipsal 32E2CFLD CFL low voltage dimmer.

    6. LED Light Buzzing Noise - I've pluged in my new LED MR16 Bulb but there is a buzzing noise when it is turned on

    The LED buzzing can occur due to instabilities in the dimmer and LED driver circuit. Try adjusting the dimming level or consider using one of our recommended dimming modules. 


    Lumen (brightness):
    ~540 lm (2700K) to 1000 lm
    Wattage (equivalent):
    8W - Equivalent to a 50W halogen downlight at warm white (3000K), 60W equivalent @ 4000K, see photos and LED downlight comparison chart.
    Input Voltage:
    220-240VAC; 100-120VAC (US Version)
    LED Life Span:
    Estimated LED life greater than 40,000 hours or 5 years (commercial) at 70% Lumen maintenance or brightness.
    Energy Saving:
    Up to 88% of electricity when compared to a standard 50W halogen using an iron core transformer or 88% using a traditional electronic 12V AC transformer.
    LED Globe Size & Installation:
    49.1 mm x 75mm. Please check the dimensions of the LED globe and of your fixture to ensure proper fit before purchase or consider model with facia.
    Connector Base:
    Mains socket or hardwire to mains electrical supply
    Transformer Compatability:
    NA - use of external LED Driver
    1-100% Dimming (view video)
    Cooling Mechanism:
    Fine multi-finned aluminium heat sink design.
    Commercial and Residential Lighting
    Compliance & Test Data:
    SAA, C-tick, CE EMC and CE LVD certification and test reports. Spectrophotometer Test Reports. Thermal performance data. LM-80 test data. Lamp Circuit Power (LCP).
    3 years
    CRI (Color Rendering Index):
    80 or 90 CRI Typical, 95 CRI available

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