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Commercial MR16 LED Downlight Module CREE XT-E Extra Warm Glow

  • 2200K CREE XT-E LED Downlight with Gimbal
  • 7-10W CREE Commercial Downlight 500-700lm
  • Extra Warm White Glow 2200K CREE LED Downlight Module
  • Lamps 1-3: Dimmed 2200K Warm Glow vs Lamp 4: Dimmed 50W halogen vs Lamp 5 3000K MT-G2 vs Lamp 5 10W 3000K Philips Master
  • Lens & Cover removed showing CREE XT-E LEDs
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Product Description


IPART Approved - Complies with government specifications such as NSW IPART.  

Now approved by the NSW Government IPART orgnisation for state Energy Savings Schemes the LITE-PD-XTE meets all Australian saftey and EMC requirements and meets the 500 lm minimum IPART requirment for the replacement of 50W halogen bulbs.

There is now no excuse for not replacing your aging halogen lighting in your hotel, pub, bar or restaurant with a dimming (dimmable) curve of 0-100% it will perfectly match the warm and soft lighting ambience of your establishment. 

Please contact us if you would like to view examples of recent installations. 

Light Colour

We bring you a new downlight which matches that of the very warm colour of dimmed incandescent halogen downlights found in commercial bars, hotels and restaurants or theatres and cinemas, as well as many residential applications where an extra warm and softly lit environment is needed.

Also avaialable in warm white 2700K, 3000K, Natural White 4000K and Cool White 5000-6000K, the LITE-PD-XTE offers unprescendented lighting performance across the spectrum from 2200K to 6000K at greater than 500lm at 10W.

Note the thrid photo which shows the warm glow effect of the 2200K LED downlight module and the fourth photo which shows a comparison between dimming of the 2200K LED module, the traditional 50W dichroic halogen and the fifth lamp or last on the right is the usual 3000K LED module.

Dimmable Light Output – HEP (High-reliability Electronic Performance)

Seamless dimming from 100% down to 0%[1] and back to a maximum light output of up to 800 lumens or equivalent to approximately a 100W light bulb but with an energy saving of up to 80%. Or ask about our high reliability HEP Group dimmable & nondimmable drivers designed in Germany at HEP Engineering. HEP range of LED Drivers  are ENEC KEMA certified which ensures the quality and performance of the products to the strictest of European Standards.

View our Youtube illustration below: 

Long Life – 36,000 hrs +

Lumen or light maintenance of 70% at > 36,300 hours. In some applications that is “light for life”.

Optical Design

High quality and efficient optics with up to 60° to 100° can provide a broad diffuse beam for soft ambient lighting or as narrow as 28° for spot or lighting. The physical grouping of the four LEDs with Fresnel lens produces a light source shows stark similarities to the traditional halogen lighting source.

Aesthetic and Architectural Lighting

We can provide a range of artitectural and asthetically pleasing fixtures to improve your lighting ambience. Also available in a range of other colours including warmer and more natural lighting.

Flexible Driver Solutions

Driver technology encompases the power supply types which are utlised to drive or power the LED luminaires or bulbs. Driver technology is the important missing link in many commercial applications where flicker free and dimmable operation is required. We can offer flicker free C-bus, 0/1-10V dimming solutions as well as dimmable drivers which can operate flicker free with traditional Triac or Pulse Width Modulation (PWD) Trailing or Leading Edge dimmers or Dali or Dynalite control systems.

Consideration of driver design and componentry is essential to ensure the life time of the power supply which is sensitive to load and operating temperature. In most cases the LED bulb will outlast that of the power supply so careful design and consideration of the type and specification is required to ensure the maximum life of the complete lighting system and to reduce future maintenance costs. 

View our Youtube video before which shows our 0-100% dimming performance using an NXP Dimming IC. 

Cree® XLamp® XT-E LEDs

The Lite 2200K downlight uses the latest generation 2013 CREE XT-E 2200K LEDs. The US based CREE® is a NASDAQ listed US company and a market leader in the manufacture of LEDs.

“Cree XLamp XT-E White LEDs are the highest-performance white LEDs available. The XT-E LED delivers twice the lumens-per-dollar of previously available LEDs in the popular XP footprint. By leveraging the popular XP footprint, customers can easily incorporate the XT-E LED into existing XP LED designs to shorten design cycle and improve time to market.

Built using the latest generation of Cree's silicon carbide based LED chips that deliver higher flux and efficacy, the XLamp XT-E White LEDs set new standards of efficacy, light extraction and quality. Designed to accelerate LED lighting adoption, the XT-E LED delivers up to 148 lumens and 148 lumens per watt in cool white (6000 K) or up to 114 lumens and 114 lumens per watt in warm white (3000 K), both at 350 mA, 85°C." 

0-100% Dimming Performance

View our Youtube video for a demonstration of 0-100% dimming using NXP IC Dimming Module:


Dimmer Compatability 

Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Universal Dimmers. Our LED lamps are available with a variety of drivers which improve compatibility and dimming performance with most leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmers. Please email us for a compatibility table. 

DSI, DALI, 0/1-10V and c-bus Dimming systems. We have suitable drivers which can be used with our range of Cree CXA LED downlights to permit seamless operation with your DSI, DALI, 0-10V or c-bus control systems.

Philips Dynalite Dimming Control Systems. We are able to have our drivers tested on Philips Dynalite Dimming Control Systems to assess for compatibility to ensure good dimming performance and avoid problems like flicker and premature dimmer module and/or driver failure due to inadequate measuring of the peak inrush currents/voltage which occurs on each half cycle of phase modulating dimmers. Please email us for our latest test results from Philips Dynalite on the compatibility of our LITE-LKA LED Driver with various Philips Dynalite leading and trailing edge dimmer modules. Or LITE-

Some compatible Dynalite dimmer modules include DDLE801, DLE1203, DLE405, DLE1205, DMC810GL, DLE1210GL, DLE410, DLE1210, DLE1220GL-S, DLE120-S, DLE220-S, DGLEDM401, DGTM402, DDTM102, DGTM105DTE310, DTE1210. (The LITE-296B Driver is compatible with these modules: DDLE802, DDLM102, DGLM402, DDLM104, DGLM105, but please contact us as we are updating our drivers frequently for compatibility according to customer and project demands).

Other Dimming Modules. Pease email us if your dimmer module is not listed as we may have other LED dimmable drivers which are compatible and are frequently updating our drivers according to customer and project demands. Alternatively please send us your dimmer module for testing.

[1]   Using our NXP IC Dimmable driver, NXP IS formally a division of Philips, now supplies companies such as Apple, Bosch, Panasonic, Samsung.

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