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2000W Metal Halide Flood Light Replacement Port Wyndham Fuel Depot

LED Area Security Lighting Upgrade at Cambridge Gulf Fuel Depot Port Wyndham 


In late 2016 the electrical technician at Cambridge Gulf Port Wyndham contacted us with a request to replace their aging 2000W metal halide flood lights being used as security lighting to light their large fuel depot. They initially requested suitable LED replacement for 2000W to 3000W metal halide and requested specifications on a 1000W LED flood light. Whilst we were obliged to provide price and specifications for our 1000W LED flood lights after further consideration we suggested our LITE-BR-FL-480W LED Flood light would be sufficient to meet the needs of their 2000W metal halide flood lights. They had intially installed 1000W metal halides which had been changed to 2000W metal halides from their available spare parts. They advised that they wanted to light up the ground and the tank which as shown in the photos below was literally massive. We advised that our medium beam 60 x 100 degree would be most suitable for that expanse. We suggested that they trial an initial one LITE-BR-FL-480W LED Flood light so as to be sure of the outcome. The result is shown in the first photo below showing a massive amount of illumination.

They were so impressed with the outcome that they followed up with a further order of LITE-BR-FL-480W LED flood lights stating that "have sent you some Pictures of lighting in our Fuel Tank Farm, have two 480 watt Leds working at the Moment, Very Bright, great replacement for the 2000 watt Metal Halide."

The photo below shows the massive light output of a single LITE-BR-FL-480W with 60°x100° lens 6000-6500K:

Port Wyndham Fuel Depot with single 480W Stadium Flood Light. Note stair case in centre of photo illustrating the massive scale of the light output. 


Additional 480W LED Flood Light installation surpassing the output of a conventional 2000W metal halide which it replaced.