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LED Light Bulb Life Time

How Long do LEDs last? Factors affecting LED Life Time

The life of a LED is not a straight forward question. In this section we will examine the factors which will affect the reliable operation of your LED lamp as lited below and the associated life expectancy of the LED light known as L70. Alternatively consider reading the brief checklist below.

  1. LED lighting and ambient temperature

  2. LED light bulb case and heat sink temperature

  3. LED light bulb active cooling methods

  4. LED light bulb passive cooling methods

  5. LED light bulb power supplies - Use of independent versus internal power supplies

  6. MR16 LED Light Bulbs and electronic Transformers - Use of electronic 50W halogen power supplies versus constant voltage or constant current power supplies

  7. LED test data - Using LM-80 and TM-21 to estimate L70 LED lamp life.

LED Buying Guide Checklist

When purchasing a LED light you need to take careful consideration of how you will use the light and how well it has been constructed. 
A typical checklist recommended by the US Department of Energy to ensure your LED lamp stands the test of time is as follows:
  1. Does the LED manufacturer publish thermal design guidance?
  2. Does the LED manufacturer have LM-80 lumen maintenance data?
  3. Does the lamp design have any special features for heat sinking thermal management?
  4. Does the fixture manufacturer have test data supporting life claims?
  5. What life rating methodology was used?
  6. What warranty is offered by the manufacturer?

Lite On LED Approach.

You will find that most if not all of our products have the above information and/or have been tested by our own lab for thermal performance and properties to ensure longevity and power efficiency. For further information please read the above sections particularly on "Passive Cooling Methods" and the section on "Critical Design Elements" in the LED Buying Guide or email us with specific data and design questions. Please note that some data may be proprietry. 
Other important selection criteria will include colour quality, light distribution and dimmability which can also be read about in our LED Buying Guide.


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