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50W Halogen Electronic Transformers Compatibility with LED Lighting

As mentioned in the section on LED drivers and power supplies, various sources of heat existing in the LED lighting system including the power supply necessitating the need for external power supplies in demanding applications and high temperature environments.

In residential applications where we are typically replacing 50W dichroic halogen MR16 globes with 7W to 10W LED MR16 globes we can often get away with using the 50-60W halogen electronic 12V AC transformer or old iron core transformer. In the case of the 50-60W electronic 12V AC transformer you need to ensure that your electronic transformer is compatible with the LED MR16 globe by consulting our compatibility list or by sending in one of your transformers for testing.


Typical 60W 12V AC electronic transformer for halogen lighting

As mentioned, due to the required rectification of the AC currents to DC there is an amount of increased heat generated in the MR16 bulb. However, generally for residential applications this is not a major concern as bulbs are not on constantly. Nevertheless, if this is a concern or if your electronic transformers are not compatible you should consider purchasing one of our compatible 12V DC drivers or purchase one of our GU10 light bulbs with a new socket.  

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