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Tennis Court Lighting Upgrade

LED Tennis Court Lights replace 1500W Metal Halides at Somerton Tennis Club  




The players at Somerton Tennis club were looking to improve their night lighting for social and club competition play as their aging 1500W metal halide tennis court lights were not lasting and requiring ongoing maintenance. Our 480W LED Tennis Court Flood Lights (LITE-BR-FL-480) were selected to meet the requirements of their tennis court lighting project with great results.

Tennis Court Lighting System Requirements

An outdoor tennis court whether that be for commercial stadiums to residential tennis courts requires a very high quantity and quality of light to provide good visibility for players, spectators, competition judges, umpires and team officials so that they can clearly see everything that is going on in a fast moving game or training area, and so that the tennis players can produce their best possible results and keep their eye on the ball or so that social players can have an enjoyable and quality well lit tennis game at their private tennis court at home. 

With tennis players serving in excess of 200 km/h the lighting needs to be exceptional so that both server and receiver can clearly see the fast moving tennis ball on the tennis court. The tennis ball, regardless of the location and speed, whether it be at home or in a competition stadium, always needs to be clearly visible and requires a high quality and well designed LED tennis court light.

The amount of light required for tennis courts depends on the application. Obviously for home courts the lighting levels need to be lower and we need to ensure the light does not spill over into neighboring houses.Whereas for club competition light levels have to be a lot higher to ensure the highest standard of tennis play.

The Australian and New Zealand Standards for Tennis Court lighting are “AS 2560.2.1 – 2003 Sports Lighting, Part 2.1: Specific applications – Lighting for outdoor tennis.”

The Australian Standards (series 2560.2) contain the minimum recommended illuminance levels measured in lux for the lighting of outdoor tennis courts according to whether the court is to be used for training versus club competition or international levels of play or both.

The minimum maintained average tennis court light level and average uniformity required for each standard of play measured as horizontal illuminance in lux is as follows:

Type of Tennis Court Play                                                      Light Level     Light Uniformity

Social Tennis Training Light Level                                          250 lux                    0.6

Club Competition and Commercial Tennis Light Level           350 lux                    0.6

International Competition Tennis Light Level                          1000 lux                  0.7

Tennis Court LED lighting Design

LED lighting designed for Tennis and Netball Courts are ideal as they have little or no light loss over time as noted below and with the specialised lens projection and distribution systems the correct amount of light can be projected onto the court with a very even illumination or uniformity. Specialised beam angles and visors or glare shields through patented lens systems can also be used to ensure the majority of light reaches the target area (tennis or netball court) and is kept away from the spectators or surrounding houses by reducing light spill and glare and creating a comfortable viewing and spectator environment. 

The selection of your LED Tennis Court Lighting becomes crucial on more complex designs where there are single or double or triple or multiple courts with limited pole positions. Our lighting design and experience can assist in ensuring you obtain the best possible lighting for your tennis courts whilst reducing off court glare and light spill. 

To ensure the selection of the best tennis court LED lights for your project we can run a Dialux Lighting Simulation to ensure the best selection of your LED tennis court lights including the best power level, the best positioning of your LED lights, and the best lighting beam angle to ensure the most optimal light intensity and uniformity across your court depending on your tennis court lighting application. If you are a small club on a budget we can also offer a more generalised flood light to suite your needs. 

Example of dialux simulation of 12 x 480W LED Flood Lights for tennis court or netball court lighting:

Tennis Court Light Maintenance

LED Flood Lights are ideal for Tennis Court Lighting as they have little lamp depreciation where light output remains largely stable over the life time of the Tennis Court Lighting System. This enables the specified illuminance levels to be maintained over more than ten to twenty years. In contrast, the traditional Metal Halide Lights decay to approximately 50 to 60% of their original light output so must be regularly replaced to maintain adequate light levels for tennis players.

Tennis Court LED Lighting Energy Savings

Of course the other advantage of LED lighting is energy savings of up to 75% or 73% as shown in the example below whilst producing a greater amount and better quality of light on the court for the tennis players. In addition to having your tennis court lighting system last from ten to twenty years or more with an operation life of greater than 60,000 hours. 

Somerton Park Tennis Club

Somerton Park Tennis Club caters for a range of player levels and skills and so are interested in sufficient lighting for social and club competition levels of tennis play. Their goal was to upgrade their aging 1500W metal halide tennis court flood lights whilst increasing the current light levels. 

We worked with Tony from Marion Electrical and initially selected the LITE-BR-FL-360W which is sufficient to match the output of a 1500W metal halide depending on the age of the system. 

The club later decided to spend a little more and have more light so the LITE-BR-FL-480W LED Stadium Series Flood Light was selected as it is a good match to an aging 2000W Metal Halide Flood Light. Customer feedback suggests that our 480W LED Flood Light provides an improvement on lighting when compared to the older 2000W metal halide. See Port Whyndam Fuel Silo study and review

The  LITE-BR-FL-480W LED Tennis Court Light also comes with a rectangular 100 x 60 degree beam rectangular pattern which can be useful for ensure the light is projected onto the rectangular court. 

Below are photos of the excellent tennis court lighting produced by the LITE-BR-FL-480W LED Tennis Court Flood Light. Both players and club president was very happy with the outcome stating that the lighting was now greater and of better quality across the court. Taking into account the power consumed by the control gear at approximately 150W plus the 1500W metal halide globe, the energy savings were approximately 73% suggesting the club will pay for the lights with their electricity savings.