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Welcome to Lite On LED. We are energy efficiency consultants who provide a personalized and holistic service. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals from lighting designers to engineers to physicists to project and operation managers.

Rather than purchasing the cheapest LED Light available you can be assured that you are purchasing a LED light which has been scientifically tested and is provides a cost effective product. More importantly through our extensive R&D we guarantee a reliable product which closely matches or exceeds the specifications of the old traditional light which it is intending to replace. 

Through our work on commercial ventures we have developed a range of high quality and reliable products. We have taken the research and development from our commercial ventures to provide a range of residential products which are both high in quality and reliable but are provided at reduced cost. These products can now be purchased in our online store.

Our R&D team ensures that our LED lighting products are at the forefront of the energy savings industry whilst maintaining reliability and performance.Our products are tested for electrical safety, thermal and power performance, and photometrics (brightness and colour). 

Our latest products are providing lighting performance which exceeds the capabilities of traditional lighting sources and the minimum efficiency and life-time requirements such as Energy Star or the NSW IPART program.

For your residential applications we can offer a reliable lighting system which has the theoretical potential to last over twenty years or potentially "light for life".

Our products are further backed by a 2 year to 5 year warranty depending on the configuration of the LED lighting system.

We look forward to hearing from you soon or processing your order in our online store.

Lite On LED

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