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T8 T12 Tube lights

LED T8 and T12 tube lights serve as an economical replacement for traditional T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. The typical application is the replacement of 1200mm T8 36W (+4W ballast) fluorescent tubes with 18W LED T8 tubes reflecting an energy/electricity saving of up to 55% and an extended life time of 5 to 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent tube depending on the quality and type of the original tube and the operating cycle (how often it is switched on and off). Along with reduced life, the fluorescent tube will also degrade faster such that the original lumen output is reduced to 70% by 10,000 hours where at this point the LED tube will still have approximately 90% of the original lumen output.

Part of the efficiency of the LED tube is due to the 120° to 180° directional downward beam such that 90% or so of the light produced is usable. In contrast, the typical fluorescent has a 360° beam spread such that much of the upward light is wasted leading to 50% to 60% of useable light and much wastage of light and associated power. This figure can be improved with the use of reflectors, but much of the light is still reflected back onto the tube which is in the way of the reflector and many fluorescent tube fixtures lack the use of reflectors. Customers also need to be aware that light measurement refers to the total “downward” luminous flux rather that total luminous flux which can include upward dispersion of light which is generally wasted.

To install a LED tube there is typically some minimal re-wiring required which must be performed by a licensed electrician. Alternatively you can select some of our T8 LED tube plug and play options which do not require any requiring.


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