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LED Light PAR Globes

The PAR type LED spot and flood lights also come in the B22 and E27 sockets and the same safety and application guide applies as discussed in the B22 and Edison E27 light bulbs. The difference is that the PAR as shown in the diagram below is that they are typically a relatively wide diameter from 95mm in the PAR30 to 125mm in the PAR38. As mentioned smaller diameters are available in the PAR16 or PAR20, although these are less common in Australia.


PAR light bulbs are available in various beam angles from very wide >60° for flood light or ambient lighting applications.

Another special type of PAR light is the AR111 with approximately 110mm diameter, which are typically found in commercial lighting applications. Use of such socket types for desk, bedside or decorative table lamps are being phased out due to this danger. Obviously when used as ceiling lights they are relatively safe away from children’s’ prying hands.

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