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B22 & E27 LED Globes

The B22 and Edison E27 LED light globes (see figure below) are a replacement for those bulbs typically seen in pendant style lights or desk and bedside lamps and other older style lighting fixtures that take the traditional incandescent lights. Power ranges from 5W to 12W LED light globes which are equivalent to the traditional 30W to 100W incandescent light globe or 7W to 15W compact fluorescent (CFL) light globe. 


These globes are much larger than the MR16 or GU10 types so heat build up is rarely an issue due to the relatively larger sized heat sink which can be used. They also tend to come in wide beam angles and have a very diffuse and soft light distribution. Since they are most commonly used in bedrooms or dining rooms they are typically purchased in the warm white colour temperature of approximately 3000K.

Once again the LED light bulb with the B22 socket is a simple push and twist to fit, whereas the LED light bulb with the Edison E27 socket is a screw in fit. When changing these light bulbs one must always be aware that if the light switch is accidently left on the socket will be live with dangerous 240V AC such that you should never stick your finger into the socket where the exposed terminals exist. Use of such socket types for desk, bedside or decorative table lamps are being phased out due to this danger. Obviously when used as ceiling lights they are relatively safe away from children’s’ prying hands. 

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