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LED Lighting Projects

LED Lighting Case Studies and Examples

In this section we share some of our recent LED Lighting projects on to demonstrate some of the applications of our lights For factory and general area lighting such as car park lighting and Sporting Oval LED lighting including football field lights, netball lights, hockey field lights, tennis court lights, rugby field lights, golf course lighting, and lighting for lawn bowls. Some of the projects are ongoing and some have been completed. We do not always have time to update the projects on the website to completion so please contact us if you have a similar project or require further information.



Tennis Court LED Lighting Upgrade at Somerton Tennis Club

The players at Sommerton Tennis club were looking to improve their night lighting for social and club competition play as their aging 1500W metal halide tennis court lights were not lasting and requiring ongoing maintenance. Our 480W LED Tennis Court Flood Lights were selected to meet the requirements of their tennis court lighting project with great results.


Large Sporting Playing Field with Difficult Lighting Positions

The owners of this large playing field measuring approximately 145m x 110m used for cricket, soccer, football, hockey, etc., sought to upgrade the existing poor lighting system. The initial brief was to seek a solution to upgrade the existing 10 x 1500W metal halide flood lights in the three aging light towers whilst not installing any additional lighting poles...


Football Oval & Netball Lighting Upgrade at Moyston Public Parks 

Moyston Public Parks had recently installed two 20 metre flood light towers on the west side of their Football Oval replacing two older 10 metre towers each with two 2000W Metal Halide lights. With limited power supply to the oval they were keen to consider LED lighting as a way of increasing light whilst reducing power consumption. 


Netball Court LED Flood Lighting for Club Competition

The sporting club using council owned netball courts undergoing refurbishment requested a minimum of average of 200 lux across two netball courts with the use of 4 lighting poles. This is a reasonably high level of light as for sports like netball the lighting needs to provide good visibility for players, competition judges, umpires and team officials... 


Gracemere Lawn Bowls LED Lighting Upgrade

The Gracemere Bowls club was down to 2 metal halide lights and were seeking to upgrade on a budget. We were able to offer our LITE-SHL-HB-500W Dual Purpose LED Flood light for the club at a discounted price achieving lighting levels on the court of nearly 80 lux but with only four LED flood lights on a 40 x 40m court.


LED Security & Area Lighting at Port Wyndham Fuel Depot

In late 2016 the electrical technician at Cambridge Gulf Port Wyndham contacted us with a request to replace their aging 2000W metal halide flood lights being used to as security lighting to light their large fuel depot. They initially requested suitable LED replacement for 2000W to 3000W metal halide and requested specifications on a 1000W LED flood light. 


Metal Halide Lighting Upgrade - Aircraft Hanger at Mareeba Airport

MAF Mareeba approached us requesting a suitable LED Lighting upgrade for their aging 15 x 400W metal halide highbays. Their application is a 24m x 24m aircraft hangar with a ceiling height of about 22ft. One of the primary considerations was the need to reduce shadowing as much as possible around the aircraft so they were considering more units with less wattage rather than a few higher powered units.


400W LED Flood Lights used to replace 2000W Metal Halides for Car Yard at Toyota Car Dealership

At Castlehill Toyota where 2 x 1000W Metal Halide flood lights were replaced with a single 400W LED flood light. Compared with the original 2 x 1000W Metal Halide flood lights the beam spread and light quality of the LEDs is much better and provides an 80% electricity saving.